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Dr Yi is the best dentist i have known in many a year. Not only is she extremely competent but you can trust her to only recommend treatments that are really needed. She is also very warm and a pleasure to be with. This calmed my nerves greatly. Dr Yi also does basic root canals but when i told her mine was very complicated she immediatelycalled a specialist she new who squeezed me in so i would not have any more pain that day.
By: Alice J.

I highly recommend this dental office in the Bay Area. The doctor and assistants know what they are doing and they care about their patients! I felt amazing after my checkup and cleaning. They did a thorough job cleaning between my teeth and examining the x-rays for any cavities!
By: Annie K.

I am so excited to write a review for this dental office because I had such an amazing experience there. The staff was very friendly and personal. I normally dread dental work because of pain but I was pleasantly surprised by how painless my teeth cleaning was! Thank you! I would highly recommend this place!
By: Jo S.

I just got my Invisalign done here and I am really happy with the results! It took me a while to decide if I wanted to get veneers, braces, or Invisalign. Dr. Yi explained in detail each option, and after listening to my needs, recommended Invisalign. I seriously could not be any happier. Dr. Yi is incredibly professional with a high attention to detail. She was always making sure everything was right and on track, while answering any questions that I had.

Staff is very friendly and the office is nice and clean.

I will be returning in 3 months to get my root canal done. Driving from Oakland can be a long commute, but it's definitely worth it! Thanks again, Dr. Yi!!!

By: Coco H.

Dr. Yi is wonderful. Glad to have found a dentist who is caring and professional. Will continue to recommend. Staff are helpful and courteous.
By: Karen V.

I chose this dentist because it's a small business, private practice thats very well run, with state of the art equipment, great hygienists and receptionists and a wide scope of services. The doctor is smart and experienced and down to earth. The office is relaxing clean and safe. She cares about safety too providing safety glasses wearing gloves at all times and great communication about whats happening and recommendations for healthy teeth for life!
By: Ashley H.

Dr. Yi is one of the best well rounded dentist I have met. Very professional and accurate in her diagnosis. Had a root canal procedure done her team and Dr. Yi made it easy, smooth, nice experience. Will make sure to recommend friends and family.
By: Hernan P.

My parents see Dr. Yi and love her service! See my mom's following review: "Dr. Yi is a very sweet and caring person. She makes me feel comfortable and I trust her services. About a year and a half ago, my previous dentist said that I needed an expensive crown on one of my teeth he had just done a filling on. So I went to Dr. Yi for a second opinion and she did something very simple to fix the problem. I have had no problems since. My husband's tooth infections were treated very well with incision and antibiotics. They also do good cleanings in the office."
By: Jane K.

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